Products Details


    Machine type: BS - 6090 - s
    Printing platform size 700 mm * 1100 mm
    The net size 850 mm * 1200 mm
    Unlimited minimum screen size
    The biggest printing size: 600 mm * 900 mm
    Substrates thickness of 0.1-50 mm
    Printing speed: 6-20 times per minute
    The pressure of work: / par 5-8
    Power supply: 380 v / 50 hz
    Total power 3.7 kw
    Machine weight: 560 kg
    Shape size 1500 * 1220 * 1700 mm
    Brief introduction:

    This machine perfect shape and appearance, convenient and flexible operation system and the advantage of high speed smooth printing and reasonable price; Straight arm lifting up and down, left and right sides printing mode, use the perfect function, simple operation and high accuracy; Suitable for advertising, organic glass, iron and other hard objects, lines, membrane switch, the screen printing stickers, CARDS, etc.

    Performance is introduced:

    1, vertical lift driven by inverter motor, brake, sound light and steady operation, saves the electricity.
    2, lift column with printing transmission are double linear guide gear motor frequency control of motor speed, run quickly and smoothly.
    3, printing ink and back pressure way: principle of pneumatic control double independent pressure adjustment, the pressure on both sides of the high and low adjusting flexible easy to use, improve the quality of printing.
    4, printing platform: the vortex type vacuum pump for the vacuum adsorption platform, printing platform has fine tuning device, can make the substrates easily simple version.
    5, equipped with multiple protection system to ensure safe operation

    Operation mode choice: automatic/semi-automatic/manual
    Start printing mode: panel button/foot
    Drive up and down mode: electric/frequency conversion control
    Printing drive mode: electric/frequency conversion control
    Printing pressure mode: pneumatic pressure regulation
    Vacuum adsorption mode: high pressure blower
    Screen lock mode: manual lock screen
    Network from lifting way: network version and print head integral lifting adjustment
    Print head tool setting elevator: pneumatic