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    BST series fully automatic rotary screen printing machine

    BST automatic stop rotary screen printing machine is an upgrading generation products in recent years, silk screen printing machine, it USES the classic stop turning technology, changed the way of printing roller oscillating movement, restore printing platen movement way change into stop form, perfectly integrated stopped turning is accurate, and long service life, high speed rotating impact is small, and fully automatic screen printing machine of high speed, high degree of automation, etc. In addition to the ink layer thickness of the silk screen printing house unique, strong hiding power, stereo sense is good, means many advantages, such as performance, is increasingly becoming the most outstanding in the roller screen machine.

    BST series fully automatic rotary screen printing machine can stop solid machine and UV, IR dryer, or a combination of UV + IR dryer synthesis of high grade ultra high precision automatic screen printing production line. Are widely used in all kinds of paper printing, packaging decoration printing, tickets, credit securities such as anti-counterfeiting printing and badges, flexible lines, advertising printing, such as for 80 ~ 300 g/m2 all kinds of paper, plastic sheet base material.

    1. The main electrical appliances: mitsubishi PLC and mitsubishi inverter, schneider contactor, schneider button, foton motor through touch screen, and Taiwan

    2. FT1050 type machine configuration: four taking four offset printing head, main transmission oil automatically.

    3. Printing detection function: printing, paper go crooked. Cardboard. Zhang. Automatic alarm. No printing or downtime.

    4. Print version of the digital display. Good prosperous vacuum pump. The polite moving parts. Japanese THK linear guide.

    5. The whole machine adopts the highest level lock screw (12.9)

    6. The material is 2 root wide belt, and all the counter with German import antistatic grain of plate, leather belt conveyor belt adopts imported Italian brand (Heidelberg offset printing use the same brand belt)

    7. A key to automatic regulating operation is completed, the pressure balanced on both sides of the knife, precise micro or subsequent can adjust alone, only need to touch screen operation, (note: the configuration of the automatic voltage regulator, need two people together or bypass operation to adjust the knife pressure)


     技术参数Technical parameter


    最大印品规格 (mm)Maximum printing size


    最大印刷面积 (mm)Maximum printing space


    最小印品规格 (mm)Minimum printing size


    纸张厚度 (mm)Paper thickness


    印刷速度 (张/小时)Maximum printing speed


    叼纸白边(mm)Blank space along each speed


    总功率(kw)Total power


    总重量(㎏)Total power


    外形尺寸(mm)Shape Size



    , one-way 360 ° rotating drum, ultra high printing accuracy, man-machine dialogue LCD controller

    4 ~ 9 mm screen and roller spacing can be adjusted, draw out type screen is easy to check the state of feed and clean version

    PLC control, centralized lubrication station to ensure transmission part, lubrication photovoltaic technology to monitor, slanting, effectively improve the qualified rate

    BST series full automatic stop rotary screen printing machine on the basis of summarizing the domestic and foreign manufacturers, improved, more convenient operation, ensure the printing quality. Specific improvement has the following aspects:

    Improvement is more than other manufacturers failed to attach importance to or can't be improved technical force, also be the place of my company's products superior to other manufacturers.

    * this parameter depending on the printing quality material and printing environment changed;

    Tech support: ruian bo sheng silk screen printing machine factory